David talked about cyber safety and protecting children online at The Alan Jones Breakfast Show

Protect our kids is the solution for every parent, every home and every child. In partnership with Family Zone we provide a stress-free, web-based filtering service where all the hard work has already been done. By choosing Protect Our Kids as your Cyber Expert you will also become part of our community of like-minded parents helping their children navigate through the online world safely. Our hope is to enable every parent, regardless of their understanding of technology, to provide a safe online environment in their home.

David and Katie are gifted communicators who have been speaking to students across Australia & New Zealand on the topics of sex, dating and relationships and the impact of pornography for the past 5 years. Having spoken to over 125,000 students, parents and teachers in live audiences they have seen first hand the struggles young people are having in navigating the online world in a safe, healthy, and mature way. Over the years, they have received countless emails from concerned parents as to what best they could do to protect their kids from the dangers involved growing up in an online society. Protect our kids is a response to the thousands of requests from parents all across Australia and New Zealand to help to create a safe digital space within the home for every child. With young children of their own, David and Katie are extremely passionate about doing all they can do to educate and help parents protect their kids from the potential dangers of the Internet. David and Katie have been married for 9 years and live together with their 3 children. When they aren’t talking to audiences around Australia you will usually find them on the beach or ski slopes with their kids.

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Research About How Young People Use The Internet And Social Media

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  • Children who have had negative experiences online 66%
  • Parents who are aware their child has had negative experiences online 45%
  • Teens who admit to going online “almost constantly”. 24%
  • Parents who worry about their child’s exposure to inappropriate material 60%
  • Children who have experienced online regret 20%
  • Parents who allow children to join a social network even though they were under the minimum age 27%

Average age of first exposure to pornography


Teenagers who reported receiving a sexually explicit image


Teenagers who reported sending a sexually explicit photo of themselves


Parents who feel that they are unaware as to what their kids are doing online

Many parents can feel disconnected with what their children are doing online and while it is easy to just let things be – this research highlights just how important it is for parents to be involved in this area of their child’s life.

Talking to your child about Pornography


Discussion about a topic such as pornography with your children is crucial. Part of the protective role that parents play in this area is establishing healthy open lines of communication with their child around this topic.

  • Pornography is now more accessible than it has ever been in the history of mankind.
  • For many young people, pornography is their only education about sex.
  • Researchers have shown that pornography can have negative effects on a young persons’ brain, relationships, and beliefs about sex.
  • You as a parent can play a crucial role in giving young people a healthy understanding of sexuality and relationships.

For a free info sheet on what you need to know about pornography click below.

Raising Young People In A Hyper-Sexualised Society

Young people are Facing REAL ISSUES. Parents need answers.

At a time where parents can feel overwhelmed and powerless to address issues such as social media, sexting, and pornography there is a huge amount parents can do. This parents night aims to address the intimate questions that parents have while empowering them to be an influential presence in their children’s lives.

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